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Val B.

I chipped my front tooth today. Was I going to be vain and demand it be fixed immediately? Or would I suck it up and wait until my regular dentist could see me? Vanity won.

After some harrowing emergency dental procedures in Africa, I am afraid of dentists and large needles and rubber gloves and…well, you get the picture. My regular dentist couldn’t see me on such short notice, so I called Perfect Smile because of their great Yelp reviews. They fit me in almost immediately. I mean seriously — the incident occurred at 3:15pm, phone call was made at 3:45, and they were able to see me at 4:30.

Very friendly staff, state-of-the-art equipment, free massages and hand paraffin treatments…I was a happy girl.

Not to mention they were able to fix my tooth to perfection.

Limited exam $60, X-ray $27, filling and stuff $300. A bit pricey perhaps, but it beats going to an emergency dentist. (Prices approximate)