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Tristan A.

So I am finally giving a review…after a lot of work & money spent on my mouth-

I have a HUGE dental phobia, I mean it’s bad-I need to be put under IV sedation for work that needs to be done-Here are the things I had wrong and what I needed:

-root canal that never got a crown, since 1999 was told by others it had to be extracted
-root canal done in 2008, but tooth cracked during procedure, needed extraction (initially cracked on a hard as hell peanut M&M)
-fixing some old cavities I had done as a kid, the mercury ones
-deep cleaning

I went to 3 dentist around me, downtown Chicago-All said I’d have to have 2 extractions, I needed tons of fillings and their prices were outrageous-One place, which I’ll give the initials of WCD quoted me around $4k just on a couple fillings, no lie-

Plus not one place would do a root canal, filling, extraction and implant all under one roof-I’d have to go to different places for the treatments, such a pain-After being in tears for months and my mouth so uncomfortable and my husband on me about getting stuff fixed I said ok, and searched Yelp-I found Dr. Dotson-

I came here and I knew I found the right place-So in depth on their exam, and I was informed there was NO need to extract the tooth that had the old root canal, they would just re-treat it-And they could knock me out with IV sedation and do as much as they could on my mouth-

Round 1 of my first procedure I had some fillings done and an extraction, I was under IV sedation for 3 hours-I was taken care of so very well and had no issues-Dr. Dotson called me the next day to make sure I was ok-

Round 2 took place about 3 weeks ago, this time I was under IV sedation for 4 hours, again no complications they did the re-treated root canal and the fillings and the remaining portion of the deep cleaning and no issues with the work done-I was given plenty of pain pills, antibiotics and Rx for any canker sores I might get-

I went in yesterday for my crown, awake and Alex was so patient with me-Honestly you need to treat me like a 5 year old in that chair, very slow, telling me every step he was doing and what was to take place-Dr. Dotson kept making sure I was ok and asked if I needed sedation pills or nitrous, but I wanted to be brave and passed-

Everyone in this office is wonderful, it is a pain in the butt for me to get to, takes me about 45 minutes from where I live downtown to get to Roscoe Village-When you get off the brown line stop at Paulina it’s a 10 minute walk to the office-I will always go here and trust the staff with my mouth-As well not one person said a negative thing about my mouth-I mean I don’t have a jacked up mouth, I have a pretty smile but I had 2 major issues and I had other dentist be really mean to me and made me cry, here that never ever happened-

The last thing I need now is my implant, which I’m freaked out about, but I’ve got a couple months on that-
So if you REALLY have issues with dental work go here, you will be in great hands-