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I have spent many hours in a dentist chair and ended up with a mouthful of mismatched crowns, some with metal exposed.

I wanted veneers and consulted with several offices, and then I found Perfect Smile Dental Spa. I didn’t feel the usual dental anxiety and fears because the dentist and staff made me feel very comfortable. They offer laughing gas, a blanket, massage and they even have TV or movies with headphones so you don’t have to hear all the dental office noises while you’re being worked on. The doctor made sure I was doing okay and was comfortable the whole time during each of my visits. The staff made sure I was feeling okay before I left the office (since you can feel a little shaky after several hours in the chair and had laughing gas some of the time.)

Dr. Dotson did veneers on almost all of my teeth and replaced my deteriorating bridge.

Perfect Smile Dental Spa changed my life. I can now smile a bright beautiful smile full of confidence that I hadn’t felt in a long time. Thanks to the doctors and their staff for such a great experience. I will definitely be back.