Spa Services

Spa ServicesThe purpose of relaxation dentistry is to encourage overall well-being through massage. At Perfect Smile Dental Spa, we provide relaxation dentistry to alleviate symptoms of stress, improve circulation, and reduce muscle tension. With relaxation dentistry, we bring a sense of balance to our patients’ lives.

Choose from the following massages for overall wellness before, during, or after your dental treatment. Massage therapy is also available without a dental appointment.

Perfect Relaxation – This treatment focuses on the neck, shoulders, head, and feet and is designed specifically to provide highly anxious patients with peaceful tranquility.

Swedish – A total-body massage that relaxes the mind while improving circulation.

Deep Tissue – A stronger, more invigorating massage to reduce stress and relieve chronic muscle tension.

Athletic Adventure – This massage is designed specifically for the athlete who wants to reduce soreness, increase flexibility, and shorten recovery time.

Holistic – This is a unique treatment that will be custom designed to meet your individual needs.

Pre-natal – A gentle, nurturing treatment designed to relieve muscular pain throughout all stages of pregnancy.

Hot Stone (90 minutes) – A full-body massage that delivers heat and energy to targeted areas while you receive long, flowing strokes.

Foot Focus (30 minutes) – Acupressure applied to the feet relieves tension and improves overall circulation and balance.

The Brief Escape (30 minutes) – Working specifically with the back, neck, and shoulders, this massage will quickly relieve stress, tension, and soreness.

Aromatherapy – Choose from an array of fragrant essential oils that we will custom blend and apply during your massage.

TMJ Massage – This massage relieves TMJ-related tension by focusing on the head, neck and facial muscles. We highly recommend this massage before and after long dental treatments.

Happy Hands & Feet – This treatment involves gentle exfoliation followed by a cooling mask and refreshing aloe application.

If you’re ready to experience mind and body wellness with relaxation dentistry, call Perfect Smile Dental Spa or schedule an appointment online. Dr. Dinkha will deliver stunning results in a soothing, spa-like atmosphere for residents of Chicago, the North Shore of Chicago, and the Northwest and Southwest suburbs of Chicago.